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Welcome to the TegaTribe!! We pride ourselves on making sure you have more travel and experiences, yet less overwhelm. Part of that process means we educate you on the expectations in the planning process. We do this so you can spend more time doing what you love instead of fretting over vacay planning. When we say, “less overwhelm”, we mean it! 


*Please note: All travel quotes require an upfront service/planning fee starting at $65 for less than 6 travelers and $15/ traveler for groups.


TegaTravels Vacation Process: 


1. Use  the request a quote feature to receive client inquiry and vacay planning procedure forms


2. Receive  up to 3 quotes for your custom vacation package (Typically takes up to 5 business days) 


3. Ask any questions/ request modifications/request verbal consult/ Vacay Presentation (within the 48 hour period of quotes provided)


4. Book your life changing vacation! 


5. Receive travel tips, destination highlights, travel guides  & further travel services as needed.


6. Receive travel service support before, during and after vacation if needed.


7. Receive travel itineraries and travel health kits ( Based on availability)  prior to travel. 


We know some people really love researching and planning their own vacay. We get it, it’s exciting! However, we want to make sure you have what you need and are destination ready. Check out these tools & resources to help you plan an amazing experience yourself. Just because we didn’t plan your vacay, don’t mean we still want you to be overwhelmed. Afterall, no one wants to be stuck in Zimbabwe because they don’t have enough pages left in their passport! 

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